Renovations are very daunting and stressful, however we completely understand this, as we have undertaken over 10 renovations ourselves on our own properties.

The top ‘5’ things which normally stop you from undertaking a renovation are:

1. Cost of Renovation is too high

A lot of people feel that the cost of a renovation is too much, even just to change their kitchen or bathroom or change the flooring, let alone re-creating a new layout or adding an extension.  Yes, it can be an expensive but it comes down to planning correctly and having every trade you need in one place.

2. Where will we stay throughout the Renovation?

A renovation can be quite messy and sometimes the water needs to be turned off or heating is not working because you have had to disconnect the gas or electricity.  This can be hard especially if you have children.  But if planned correctly, a renovation can happen section by section ensuring that you do not have to live in a mess ensuring that you do not even have to move out of your residence for a renovation to take place.

3. It will take too long.

Yes a renovation can take a long time and it can put you off.  However, this also comes down to careful planning and having the use of all tradespeople available to you from the one place.  It is very difficult when you are trying to obtain a quote from 10 different professionals or tradespeople.  It is even more difficult to make sure that each element of the renovation happens as it is supposed to including being on time and on budget.  The experience can flow smoothly and take less time when you deal with just one entity who take responsibility for your entire renovation.

4. We do not have the time to find all of the tradespeople necessary.

A common reason why some people avoid a renovation.  It takes a lot of time to research at least 3 tradespeople for a specific element of your job so that you can get 3 different quotes.  Imagine that you need 5 different elements to your renovation and you need 3 different quotes from each – it immediately becomes a time consuming exercise that even if you enter, once you have, it becomes too daunting and stressful to continue.  With a team of tradespeople all in one place, it is no longer a time consuming or stressful exercise for you.

5. We find it stressful to deal with Council and do not know how to.

Another reason why some people do not want to undertake a renovation or extension is that they are worried about dealing with Council, what applications are needed or whether they can submit exactly what they will be undertaking in their renovation.  Dedicated professionals can easily take on this responsibility for you taking away this stress as well.


At Total Interior Solutions, we can work with you on any of the 5 steps mentioned above to take away the stress of a renovation.  We carefully plan every step with you to ensure a smooth flow to help you meet your agreed budget and timeframe.  Contact us if you feel you are now ready to start your renovation.