Just use your imagination.

Sit in a room in your home, close your eyes for 30 seconds, close your mind thinking of only a blank canvas.  Open your eyes and see your room as though you have not seen it before.  Imagine.

ID-100223922Imagine – what you you would love in the room which surrounds you.  It can be a feature wall, a all important new bookshelf or new flooring.  If you are sitting in the kitchen, perhaps you have opened your eyes and imagined a newly tiled kitchen with glass splashback and all new appliances.

Because you are YOU, you may see and imagine something different than even your partner or children, but this is a great thing to do if you are thinking of planning your next makeover or renovation.

You need to step outside YOU and see the room for what it could be, not what it may currently look like.

Imagine that you have purchased a property which has not been updated or decorated for what looks like 20-30 years, that is when your imagination should come into effect.  Try the above.  Imagine what you would like your room to look like.  Try it in every room in the house.  Record what you feel and see.

We had a client who said that the property they had purchased to be their home had been owned by the same owner for over 50 years and it had been 30 years since any work had been done.

  • The bathroom was white with lime green bath, sink and toilet seat.
  • The kitchen was full of dark wood interior with a cream lino floor.
  • The wall and ceilings of each room looked cream in colour, but when they cleaned the walls slightly, they realised it was actually white.
  • The carpet had marks on it in every room of the house.

She decided one day to do the above, and just imagined what she would like in her new home and what would make her happy.

She imagined the following…

  • The bathroom with cream porcelain tiles with white bath, sink and toilet seat.
  • The kitchen with white gloss doors, black granite benchtop and glass splashback.
  • The wall and ceilings in a light cream colour.
  • Wood flooring throughout the home.

Imagination is easy right?  But is it just as easy to bring your imagination to reality?

We know it is, because we have created scenarios like this all the time.  It is important to realise that your house can become your home.


Our core teamThe team at Total Interior Solutions can help you bring your imagination to a reality.

What do you imagine your room to look like?