Sometimes you are seeking a feature wall in your property.  The first thing you think of is to paint a wall in a bright colour or use a different style of painting, like the brush technique.  But, adding wallpaper to one wall can achieve a desired effect for you.

20140321_165311 - CopyThis is an example of how you can create a feature wall in a small area using wallpaper.

With so many colours and patterns, wallpaper can be used as a:

– headboard for behind your bed;
– splashback in your kitchen;
– fun mural on your children’s bedroom wall;
– an emphasis to a specific place in your home like a fireplace; or
– background to your photos, trophies or more.

Gone are the times that wallpaper was only seen in old homes, it has become part and parcel of most homes worldwide.

How do you choose?      Where do you go?      Is it easy to apply?

Questions we hear all of the time.


How do you choose?

Well it can be daunting to think about which paper is for you, what colour you should use and should it be a solid colour or a pattern.

The first thing you need to think about is the area you have and the colours already available to you.   Then, if you are not going to change any other colours in the closest vicinity, do you want your feature to be bold and make a statement, or just blend into the current surroundings?  After this, look for the colours/patterns which match your chosen style of feature.  Ask for samples and take them home with you to look if they match or suit your ideal result.


Where do you go?20140321_122619 - Copy

You can find wallpaper in most major department stores and building stores, and also online.  When purchasing online, you can ask for samples to be sent to you.  One line which we love is the Matthew Williamson Line, which you can view here.  However, there are so many to choose from, it is worth taking a time out to find the right paper for you.


Is it easy to apply?

It can seem that applying wallpaper to your wall is as simple as adding some glue to the back of the paper and putting it up….  But, if you have ever tried to do this yourself it is not as simple as it seems.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the wall you will put the paper on has no cracks or is uneven which will need to be smoothed out first.

Secondly, you should apply an underlay to the wallpaper which will assist in the application of the final paper you have decided on.


We have assisted clients with the application of wallpaper to their rooms and would love to assist you if you have been considering this.  As our team includes a professional Interior Designer, we can also assist from the start of the process in helping you choose the right wallpaper for you right through to the install of the wallpaper into your home.  Just contact us to find out more.  We look forward to hearing from you.