When you are planning your new home makeover – sometimes there are ways of working with not only the space you have, but also the items in your space and updating them or redecorating them to suit your new taste and space.

What do we mean?  Let us take you through a quick tour through your home and help you with some quick tips….



Well, imagine you are looking for a new kitchen.  First, check if the carcasses are in good working order.  If they are then perhaps just change the doors, worktop and splashback.  This can be a cost saving to help make your kitchen look new.

Total Interior Solutions Kitchen




If on a budget in your bathroom, then changing the taps, mirror and recoating the bath can be an quick and easy makeover.  Change the colour scheme by changing the colour of your towels and mat on the floor.  Sounds simple, but it can make a change to your bathroom.

Ennis Street bathroom pic



Bedroom – Main

Create a feature wall and change the quilt cover on your bed.  Perhaps even paint your chest of drawers and side tables just to brighten up your room and make it feel different.

DSC_0651 - Copy



Bedroom – Child’s

This can be a fun room to makeover.  Imagine adding some special wallpaper or creating a mural on the wall to suit your child’s taste.  A new set of curtains and everything will make your child smile.




Lounge Room

Looking for a complete new look?  Then perhaps work out what feel you are seeking and then make modifications to your furniture.  For example if your lounge suite is a dark colour, then purchase bright cushions and a throw rug.  Also add a bright coloured rug to the floor.


These are just a quick few tips to help you if you are on a complete budget.

Would love to hear from you if you have some other tips you have found useful.

The team at Total Interior Solutions.