Throughout London there are properties with only a small space inside and out and home owners wish they could make these spaces liveable or at least spaces they can use.

It may not seem easy, but it is doable.  There are numerous ways to utilise the spaces you have in your home for storage, for seating, for a home office and more.  It all comes down to be creative with the spaces you have.  Below are just some of the ways we have utilised current spaces and turned them into more usable spaces.

In built bookshelves

In built bookshelves for small spaces

When you are seeking more space to store your books, ornaments or children’s toys – why not create in-built storage systems throughout your home?

You can even have access to more storage behind the shelving or access to meters and more.

Work out what you need to store and we can do the rest.




Work from home in small spaces

Imagine you only live in a small apartment and want to work from home.  There are ways to ensure that you use even the smallest spaces to create your workspace.  We found a great website – Apartment Therapy that show you some great ways to create your space.

Click here to find more:

So, do you need help with planning your small space to start your home office?

Starting small may seem difficult, but every business starts small.  But starting is the key!





Open plan staircases

We have created a number of staircases which are not only amazing to look at and can be a central feature to a home, but it has the added benefit of additional storage under.

In this instance, a TV for the family room with Xbox and kids toys could be easily stored away.  Staircases can be inbuilt also with cupboard storage if you are seeking to hide away boxes, luggage and more.

You can also change spiral staircases to create storage.

Have you been thinking of how you could create more storage?





Create a modern new look for your small home

Have a small apartment which needs a refit?  We can create on one level and make it modern and sleek looking with storage solutions included.  This one level loft conversion includes a double bed with storage underneath and to the sides, shelving with panel access behind, a built in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom plus space for a desk or kitchen area plus small living area.

You can create this too with specific space planning techniques.



What do you wish you could do in your home?  Why not ask for a free consultation so we can help you create the space you need.  You may not need to extend or have planning permission.

The team at Total Interior Solutions.