Purchasing a Property?

ID-10069416(1)It can be an exciting time purchasing a new property (either for the first time or even if it is the 10th time).

However, it can also be a little daunting or stressful, especially if you cannot see the potential in a property to make it your own.

For example, you may see a property which is in the exact location you need it to be for schools, transport and lifestyle, but when you step into the home you feel the layout and/or decor is not for you.

But, if everything else feels right, then perhaps you need to overlook the layout you are seeing and instead consider offering a lower purchase price and utilising your funds to renovate the property to your needs and likes.

Also, remember you need to be aware of what properties have sold for in the area you are considering to purchase, you do not want to end up paying more than what you need to.

We have created a mini checklist for you to help you plan for your purchase.

Checklist for Purchasers

Below is a case study of a client we have worked with in the past.

Our client had been seeking a property which was in close proximity to their son’s school and around the corner from the tube making it a 5 minute trip to work.

They discovered a home which fitted this criteria however, there is a downside.

The kitchen and bathrooms did not look like they have been changed for 40 years and there were not enough bedrooms to accommodate their needs.  The other areas of concern were that three of the walls were painted different colours and one wall, although it looked yellow, they realised it was full of smoke residue. ID-100120471

The real estate agent was pushing them to make an offer but they could not realistically make an offer given that they could not even conceive what could be done to make the changes they wanted.  Although very visual people, when it came to seeing the home finished to their needs, they could not see it.

When they received a referral to our services, we spent time with them going through their potential new home.  We worked through the plans and came up with several variations to how they could make this home their reality.

They could then visualise living there, they put in an offer, which was accepted and work began.  They are now happy living in their home with every amenity they were after.

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