ID-10081186When was the last time you looked at your investment property and wondered if you could actually be earning more from it?

It could be that it is outdated in the decor or all important kitchen or bathroom.  Or it could be that you have not utilised your space the best way to gain more income for you.

Outdated decor, kitchens or bathrooms are the easiest things to think about when you are thinking of getting a higher rent, but they are not the most important way to gain better tenants or increase your rent.

The best way is to get a professional to measure up your property and work out how your space can be utilised or planned out.

Planning from the inside out can sometimes work to your advantage a lot more than having someone tell you well you cannot build up or out and they do not actually take into account the space you already have.

ID-10056678Imagine converting your home which really has no well planned areas and with a very low rental income to a house with separate entrances, separate meters and the ability to have increased your rental income 3 fold?

Does that like something you would love but not sure how to go about it?

Renovation is the answer but are you ready to get a quote and start moving forward?


Feel free to contact us if you feel that you may be ready to take this step, but not sure how.