We have a number of real estate agents working on our referral program with us which provides their clients with a win win solution.  Their clients can work with a team of trusted professionals to step in and either:

* make their new home feel like their home before they move in;

* work with a Vendor to change their layout prior to placing property on the market;

* re-fit a new kitchen or bathroom they have been longing for, for a long time.


ID-10084668Example 1

Imagine that you have a property on the market and although you have a client who would love to buy the property because it is in the right location the decor and layout is not right for them.  They may purchase if it could be renovated to suit their needs.


renovationExample 2

You have a vendor who knows that he/she can achieve a greater sale price if their current layout could be amended.  They have no idea as to cost but know that if they could extend or change their decor including tiles or flooring, they could walk away with more money in their pocket.

At such a stressful time, the last thing that a vendor wants to do is seek out 10 different tradesmen for quotes and work.


A referral to Total Interior Solutions could be the answer.  With a free consultation for the vendor or purchaser and a complete brief as to what would be entailed to work within the purchaser’s budget and timeframe, this is the absolute solution for everyone – the Vendor, the Agent and the Purchaser.

Total Interior Solutions would love to offer this referral program to you and your team.  We have also had approaches by other industries asking if they can be involved. Please note we do have conditions which apply to this program, which we would be delighted to discuss with you.

If you feel this something your business would like to be a part of, just contact us.